To the Light

We are all moving upward, just like Flannery O’Connor said in her story about the two ladies with the same hat. Nine years ago, some desperate, hopeless, evil men executed a crime of unimaginable proportions. Thousands of innocents, on land and air, were killed. Others were injured. Many others more were wounded psychologically. It was a shared national grief that we may find difficult to rise above, to allow us to move on, or as some might say, “Find closure.” I do know that it changed America forever, not always for the best. As a nation, we can not give in to fear. We must rise above it. Just like these folks on this escalator are doing after a day of work. They are rising out of the shell that forces them to conform and obey the rules. They are emerging to another level, where they can let their hair down, kick of their shoes and live their lives as they choose.

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