Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge #45

As is so often the case, I need to thank Cee for introducing me to this challenge.

I don’t know exactly how old these sturdy, cast-iron chairs in the front yard may be, but I suspect that they date back to the Great Depression. Having been painted and repainted over the decades, the resulting pentimento (to abuse the term) gives them great character. The sit in a lovely spot where the vines have really taken hold of the trees and provide excellent ground cover. I like to invite friends to sit with me, drink coffee or tea and watch the neighbors go about their business. Birds, squirrels and a myriad of insects have made a home here, and I often sit and meditate upon them.

#XingfuMama Pull Up a Seat Challenge

11 thoughts on “Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge #45

  1. I smiled when reading this post. I had bought some garden chairs and a table that looked like this.l some years ago. I loved the patina! One day my old gardener decided to spray paint them bright green as a surprise! Needless to say I was! I didn’t have the heart to tell him off!

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