Ragtag Daily Prompt: Viral

Pirouette 1

Had she lived in a different era, then Queen Pirouette would have known that it was simply a viral infection that took several of her children away from her so early in their lives. When Little GarGar took ill at eight years of age, he’d shown every sign of being a healthy and robust child. Sadly, in the eighth Winter of his life, what was certainly an influenza virus killed him in a matter of days. The physics had pulled their beards and made grand pronouncements in dead languages, assuring her that all would be well on one hand, and then warning her of dreadful outcomes with the other.

To see her boy suffer so, and after a day or two, show every sign of recovering, only to die a few days after that broke the Queen’s heart solidly in two. The half that continued to beat did so only for her husband and children. All the rest- wealth, power, glory, even beauty, were secondary to Her Majesty for the rest of her life. When it was her turn shuffle off of this mortal coil, she would be called Queen Pirouette the Wise by her grateful subjects.

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