Ragtag Daily Prompt: Settle

GarGar 5_21_3King  GarGar tried his hardest to comfort his daughter la Princesse Pirouette la jeune. He held her hand and whispered to her, “Now, now, my dear, everything is going to be alright.” To no avail. His daughter would not stop weeping. Queen Pirouette tried her best to quell the tempests that raged in their daughter also, with no better result.GarGar 5_21_4The source of the young lady’s discomfort was the death of her fiancee, the Margrave Pierre. It was all too horrible- a riding accident. A broken neck. A life so full of promise was cut short, leaving behind a nation in mourning. Poor la jeune, after capturing the heart of the most eligible bachelor in the world, how would she ever be able to settle for someone else with less calibre?GarGar 5_21_5

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