Becky B’s Tree Square Challenge: July 2, 2021

This is one of the oldest trees in Annapolis.
A closer look…
Casualty of a storm- that’s my house in the background right.

I don’t know why I thought sepia was the best approach to this particular challenge, but here you have it! Becky B is hosting this challenge on her website The Life of B.

13 thoughts on “Becky B’s Tree Square Challenge: July 2, 2021

  1. the sepia works so very well – what a fabulous tree. Sorry though to see the damaged one, but then happy you are joining us again for squares – so all is balanced in the world 😀

      1. I know! My heart really goes out to the people in the Pacific Northwest. They are in no way prepared for that kind of heat. Even in L.A., there are many people who don’t own air conditioning. God forbid the power goes out!

      2. just hope the world begins to wake up to the fact we really have to change our ways if we are to avoid this happening even more frequently

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