Ragtag Daily Prompt: Exsiccate

“Oh, happy day!” Shouted the old King when he heard of GarGar’s safe return to the capital. His Majesty ordered bonfires to be lit throughout the kingdom. When le comte des Deux Chats entered the city gates, the people thronged to see him. Some threw flowers in front of his horse. Others waved handkerchiefs and bright pieces of cloth from their windows. Canons fired the salute. Church bells rang, carrying the sound of joy in the air.

For his on part, GarGar was pleased to smile and wave at the people. It was a hot, sunny day, so he was obliged to exsiccate himself with his own handkerchief. Afterwards he tossed the bit of white cloth into the crowd and it was immediately torn to pieces by those who were eager to have a momento of that glorious day.

CMMC: June Alphabet Must Have K at the end of a Word: July 28, 2021

Beautiful duck
Firework(s) A little bit of a cheat…

Finally, we have the four o’clock

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Adventure

Above all else, the old King loved beauty. He surrounded himself with only the best-looking people, tall men with straight backs and pretty young women. He collected art the way misers collect money. That is why he decided to marry Lady Greenmeadow. She was a rare beauty with blond hair and blue eyes. Her lips were red without the use of cosmetics. And while the King was eager for the wedding ceremony to take place, there were others who were less than enthusiastic about the match.

“Lady Greenmeadow is an adventuress,” said Princess Pirouette. “She will make a cuckold of His Majesty.” Abagail Hoffenhoff, who had recently been promoted to the post of chief lady of the bedchamber for the Princess, shook her head.

“She’s to be called la baronne now. The King himself has said so. Her next adventure will be as Queen.”

“Pray to God that it is not so,” replied Pirouette. “And pray to God that He sends GarGar home, safe and sound.”

“Amen,” said Abigail who in piety crossed herself.