Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #143 – Colorful April

The tulips have been riotous this Spring!
As the daffodils die back, the silver dollars run rampant.
The azaleas are gearing up for a major explosion.

The croci are always the first to show themselves at the end of Winter. I find them a welcome sight every late Winter, early Spring day.

Halloween Countdown: Only Nine Days Left!


I’ve decided to link this post to Granny Shot It’s Eleven Day Challenge. Here’s another photo that is 100% in the spirit of this challenge. Happy blogging, everybody!

Halloween#Granny Shot It #Eleven Day Challenge

City Sonnet’s September Photo a Day Challenge: Sculpture

StatueHere is my entry for City Sonnet’s September Photo a Day Challenge, taken last month in historic downtown Annapolis, Maryland. I am very proud of my hometown which happens to be the state capitol.

Granny Shot It BOTD Challenge: September 26, 2019

Osprey 11Osprey 16

My beloved osprey that likes to hang out with his friends near the bridge over Spa Creek on Compliance Street, Annapolis, Maryland. I’ve taken quite a few photographs of this particular bird. It is hard to keep track of them at this point. If I’ve posted either of these before, then I apologize. I’m fairly certain that the bottom photo is new. The top one is a little fuzzier than I usually like to post, so I’d be surprised if I’ve used it in the past for the Bird of the Day Challenge.  Best wishes to everybody. Hang in there! The weekend’s coming!

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Six Word Saturday: Did Somebody Say that Size Matters?

Squirrel 1God knows how long I’ve tried

To capture you with my camera.

All that I needed were some

Peanuts and patience. And prayer. Voila!

Thank you, Six Word Saturday, or

Should I say, “Travel with Intent?”

(Six lines with six words. How did I do?)

#Six Word Saturday #6WS #Travel with Intent #Did Somebody Say that Size Matters?