All images presented on the Beautiful Photographs blog, the website are original work created by Russell Smith.

All images are copyrighted by their owner, Russell Smith.  All Rights Reserved.

It is illegal to use any of the material herein without the express written permission of the Copyright holder.

Note: none of the images are creative commons

Please contact me directly at russkie69 at if there are any images that you or someone you represent would like to use.

I support educational uses of my material but need to be contacted before my images are used.

Contact : russkie69 at for permission to use any content from this website.

To learn more about me and my work, I strongly suggest that you read my Manifesto! page.

One thought on “Copyright

  1. hey Russell..
    way cool! i love scenic photos, and pictures that tell a story style of photograph. these are great!
    i will surely come back and see more of what you put on here and keep clicking, yes there is beauty in many things out in the world.

    hugs kindle

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