Photo a Week Challenge: Landscape

I am submitting this photo to Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge.Powerlines 1These power lines were featured in a post last week.  This photo gives a more expansive view than previous ones which featured horses as the main subject.  It was taken in what is called “South County” in these parts.  The county in question is Anne Arundel, home to the state capital, Annapolis.  Call me provincial, but I am quite proud of my hometown.


Lens-Artists Challenge #80: Leading Lines

LeadingLines 1LeadingLines 1 bwIf the landscape looks familiar to you, it may be because a cropped down version of it serves as one of the random banners that appear at the top of the page.  The photo was taken on November 4, 2019.  I discovered an entire folder of .jpgs that I took on that day but never edited.  What a treat!  It’s like Christmas came again.  Over the last couple of days, I have been posting several photos from that folder.  This is my submission to the Artists-Lens Challenge #80 – Leading lines.