Ragtag Daily Prompt: Free

Princess Pirouette straightened her back as she stood before the prime minister. Because she remained standing, he was obliged to stand also. Suffering from a bad back, he longed to sit in one of the chairs in her antechamber. The pain finally forced him to speak, “As long as Your Highness remains standing, I am required to stand also. I must say that I have a terrible backache.” He gestured at one of the chairs. “Would Your Highness care to sit.”

“Very well,” acquiesced Pirouette who didn’t have one malicious bone in her body. “How may I help you, my lord.”

The prime minister pulled up a chair and placed in directly in front of the Princess and sat, placing his hands firmly on his knees. “I’ve been wondering-” He paused, groping for the right words. “I am wondering if perhaps your engagement to le comte des Deux Chats is not premature?”

“What?” Pirouette could not conceal her surprise. “It was you who originally suggested the match! Why would you say such a thing?”

“Yes, but that was before his infidelity with my niece.” His words stung. She’d actively decided to forget GarGar’s brief encounter with Lady Greenmeadow.

“Quite frankly, my lord, I don’t think I will ever find someone who loves me as much as Monsieur le comte. I don’t feel free to say more, except that I do not appreciate that Lady Greenmeadow has returned to court. In what capacity is she here? Who’s idea was it to forgive and forget?”

“Oh, it was the King’s decision entirely. He’s always been fond of my niece.”

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