4 thoughts on “Los Angeles River

  1. It’s hard for me to see a concrete trough as a river… Just seems too man-made for me. Strange. Makes me think of, “They paved paradise to put in a parking lot.” But, here we “improved” on nature? Interesting photo. Something to make us think.

    1. Parts of it are still pretty with swamp grass, birds and fishes, in the middle of L.A.! The over development destroyed the watershed, so this is the only way to keep the river from flooding. It’s sad because water from the mountains can come barreling down on unsuspecting kids who are playing and they get dragged right out to sea before you can say, “Jack Robinson.” xoxo

  2. I have seen news reports of children being swept away. This looks so insignificant and all the concrete seems to be too much, but as you say, it is there for a purpose.

    1. There are parts that are quite lovely, though. Robin’s agency owns some of the land around the river and it is lush and has trees, birds, everything. Hard to put the two together. I have photographs of that part of the river. I shall try to dig them up.

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