Monday Window Challenge: October 5, 2020

Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge

Another selection from Saint Dominic’s-

Monday Window Challenge: September 28, 2020

Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge

One can only imagine how beautiful these windows would look with sunlight passing through them.
Another window from Saint Dominic’s, Washington, DC

Devotion: September 21, 2020

Hail Mary, full of grace…

…the Lord is with thee.

Monday Window Challenge: September 21, 2020

Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge

Norm 2.0’s Thursday Door Challenge: September 10, 2020

Thursday Doors

Monday Window Challenge: August 31, 2020

Trump’s America

I call this window Trump’s America. As the death toll mounts, he and his lackeys scurry to spread disinformation, lies, fear and hate to pursue their agenda. Beyond this double horror of pandemic and madness, there is hope. Black Lives Matter and other grassroots movements illustrate a groundswell of anger and disgust with the extremes of negative narcissism and entitlement that is Donald Trump. In this sense, black changes from the color of mourning to the color of resistance and hope for the future.

Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge

Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge Week #34

XingFu Mama’s Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge

View is of the Severn River, not far from Gate Eight of the U.S. Naval Academy.
A different view of the Severn.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: All About Old Buildings

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (CFFC) All About Buildings: Old Buildings, Barns, Sheds, Houses

The house I live in is almost one hundred years old, so I think it qualifies for inclusion in this challenge.

From this side of the house, you can see the heating oil tank. It’s more than half full, in case you’re curious.
Do you mind holding the ladder for me while I proceed to break my neck?
Thank goodness for the porch. Where else would we stick the junk that doesn’t fit in the basement?

Which Way Photo Challenge: August 21, 2020

Alive and Trekking’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Society of the Cincinnati, Washington DC