Ragtag Daily Prompt: Solstice

Princess Pirouette’s first appearance at Court was something of a flop. It was during an unseasonably warm Winter Solstice, ushered in by several days of rain. By the time her entourage reached the old King, everyone was covered in mud. Pirouette’s litter bearers had the worst of it, while those on horseback, for the most part were spared the indignity of being slathered in wet soil. Without exception everyone was soaked to the bone, even the little Princess and her mother.

Upon arrival, one would think that Pirouette would be taken to a warm fire and given dry clothing for her presentation to His Majesty but this was not the case. As the old King was in the habit of taking frequent naps, it was thought prudent to bring her straight away to him. Now the King, while in a downward spiral physically, was still fairly quick in his wits. When he saw the little girl, dripping wet, he said, “My poor child! Why have they not seen to your wellbeing? This is disgraceful treatment for a Prince of the Blood!”

Published by Russell Smith

I was born at the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. I find inspiration in the lives of so many people from Joan of Arc to Oscar Wilde. While my primary avocation is photography, I also enjoy philosophy, theology and most of all, history. My beloved wife, Robin Anne Smith, who passed away in 2013 is an inspiration to me. My beloved partner, Dana is also a great support and inspiration to me. I'd be remiss if I did not mention my cats: Maxwell, Nigel, Pirouette and GarGar.

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