Ragtag Daily Prompt: Culture

Because of her petite stature, Queen Pirouette was able to stand erect in the cramped space of the carriage. Approaching the peculiar intruder, she brandished the piece of ribbon under his nose. “Where in God’s name did you find this piece of ribbon?” She demanded, her voice tinged with anger.

“It’s just as I told your Lady, Your Majesty,” replied the man softly. “I bought it from Egon the Tailor about a year ago..”

Pirouette’s stomach did a flip-flop. Without hesitation she felt that she could recognize the man’s voice, but she dare not voice her apprehensions. Kissing the hem of her dress, the man looked up at her and winked.

Lady Eleanor was the first to voice the ladies’ collective suspicions. “Monsieur le comte?” She queried. “Are you le comte des deux chats? Monsieur GarGar?”

Pirouette covered her face with both hands and began to sway. If not for Lady Abigail taking an elbow in hand, the Queen might very well have fallen over.

“Given Monsieur’s penchant for fashionable clothes, it’s hard to believe that he’d be caught dead in the rags you are wearing,” remarked Lady Eleanor.

“As the arbiter of culture in your Court, Your Majesty, I simply can’t conceive of someone like this appearing in front of you and claim to be Monsieur le comte.”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Snappy

“Where did you get this?” Demanded Lady Abigail of the stranger.

“I bought it,” answered the man succinctly. “From Egon the Tailor.” Abigail held the ribbon behind her shoulder where Queen Pirouette could take it without attracting much notice. As soon as her fingertips touched the article, she recognized it for what it was. On one side, the words “For my beloved P,” were stitched in golden thread.

“Egon the Tailor?” Mused Lady Eleanor. “Never heard of him.”

“Nor I,” agreed Lady Abigail.

“He was GarGar’s tailor. He could always be relied upon to make his clothes. My beloved always looked snappy. He was more fashion conscious than anyone at court,” said the Queen wistfully.

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: October 2, 2022

Today’s letter is S.

Succulents in a groovy pot!
Twelve ninety-nine? Are you kidding me?
Sweet William growing in a garden. It’s nice to see flowers that aren’t under the glare of florescent lights.
Image compare- where would I be without you?

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Ribbon

Maxwell monitors playtime between Garçon and Pirouette.

Lady Abigail was the first to extend her hand for the strange man to kiss. Instead of kissing her hand, the man quickly placed a piece of ribbon in it. To Abigail’s amazement, the ribbon was of a color and texture that only Queen Pirouette wore.

“What is this?” Exclaimed the lady.

“It’s a ribbon for my lady’s hair.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Red & Yellow

Ragtag Daily Prompt

“Why don’t we open the door and see who it is?” Offered Lady Abigail with a shrug of the shoulders.

“Very well,” sighed Queen Pirouette who with a hand flourish indicated to Lady Eleanor to open the carriage door.

All three women started from their seats when they saw the figure below them. It was a man dressed like your average journeyman worker. He wore trousers with alternating muted hues of red and yellow vertical stripes. His shirt, once white, was now yellowed with age, adorned with several patches of varying size, shape and color, along with what appeared to be numerous food stains. On his back he wore a big, black cape with a hood that was pulled way down to his eyebrows. His mouth was likewise covered with a bright red scarf.

The man bowed like a courtier, deeply with one arm akimbo.