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Answer 10 BURNING Questions

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I’ve been tagged by my dear friend Rumpy Dog to answer 10 questions:

1) Describe yourself in seven words.

Handsome, modest, kind, creative, gentlemanly, lazy, intelligent (Well, you asked!)

2) What keeps you up at Night?

Chronic pain, bad dreams and cats, cats, cats

3) Who would I like to be?

I like being me, despite all the problems under the hood.

4) What am I wearing right now?

My dearly departed dad’s pajamas.

5) What scares me?


6) The best and worst of blogging.

The best part of blogging is meeting all these groovy people (and animals). If you’d said “Rumpy Dog” to me a year ago, I would have been taken aback, but now I would say, “Right on! Rumpy Dog rules!” The downside is that it is a lot of work. I have old posts in my inbox that are posts by blogs that I follow, but it’s darn difficult to keep up!

7) The last website I visited


8) What is the one thing I would change about myself.

That’s easy. I would improve my health.

9) Slankets yes or no?

What’s a slanket? Does it bite? Now I have to look it up on Google. Okay- post Google images search- No! Never! I’m not Gandalf. K?

10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you!

I was actually tagged by an awesome dog. Rumpy Dog is the kind of dog that likes cookies and other treats. He also enjoys interviewing other pets and is a great animal advocate. His creed, “Adopt! Don’t shop!” Is tattooed on my forehead. Well, not really, but I quote him often. I can’t even walk inside a pet shop. I can’t even look at the doggies in the window! I’d give Rumpy Dog the shirt off my back, but he probably wouldn’t need it because he has a gorgeous fur coat. He’s a bit of a sissy though. He lets cats bully him. *sigh* But that’s cool because it shows what a gentle giant he is.

Now I get to pick some others to answer these questions:






I would never steer you wrong. All of these bloggers have something RELEVANT to say and they’ve had a big impact on my and my approach to blogging. If you want people to look at your blog, take a minute or two to look at other bloggers. They have something to say and for the most part, you will be a little better off from reading them. Thanks, Rumpy Dog for singling me out for this “honor.” woof woof woo woo woo

4 Replies to “Answer 10 BURNING Questions”

  1. You tagged me Russell! I will get to it I promise. Your 10 things about yourself were interesting! 🙂 I did laugh about the slanket, maybe I am the only one who knows what it is! Blanket with sleeves, very awesome and warm it is, too. I was sorry to hear about your health, I will be praying!

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