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Something of a Milestone

I’m not exactly sure why, but WordPress sent me this notification today. I suppose one number is as important as any other. This is a big THANK YOU to all who have been and continue to be supporters of my work. Learning from one another, I believe we have become an amazing network of excellent photographers. I’d like to extend special thanks to the following:

Natasha go meow!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Autumn Sunshine and Gabby Angel ( nominated me for this award. Thank you very much. I am supposed to list seven things about myself.

  • I walk with a cane.
  • I live with chronic pain.
  • I was born in France.
  • I grew up in Washington D.C.
  • I’ve lived in Hollywood, California for over twelve years.
  • I have a master’s degree in Library Sciences.
  • I have three cats.

Now I’m supposed to nominate seven people.

But I’m afraid of insulting people I leave out. There are so many I’d like to include. This is as far as I’m going to take this. Thanks again for the award!

ABC Award

Gabby Angel and Autumn Sunshine nominated me for the ABC award. The rules are fairly simple. I have to go through the alphabet and for each letter write a word that describes me or something I like. I also have to post the ABC logo on my page and pass the award along to an unspecified number of other bloggers. Thanks Gabby Angel and Autumn Sunshine. I appreciate your interest in my blog and my desire to fill the world with (what I think are) beautiful photographs. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so to some, my images may seem sad or depressing. For that I’m sorry, but the world is full of a host of images that flash by like a rapid fire slideshow. A photograph makes one stop and look at a single image and ponder it. That’s why I love street photography. On with the alphabetized self-revalatory post.

A – Angry

B – Beautiful

C- Creative

D – Depressed

E – Evil

F – Fire

G – Grand

H – Hostile

I – Interesting

J – Joker

K – Knives (I love them)

L – Lame (my left leg)

M – Monster

N – Needy

O – Optimistic

P – Pain (as in chronic)

Q – Queer

R – Randy (my beloved friend)

S – Smith (my beloved family, including my beloved wife)

T – Toxic

U – Understanding

V – Vocal

W – Wise

X – Xenophile

Y – Ying/Yang

Z – Zoological

Now who do I tag? I think RumpyDog would love this one.

Answer 10 BURNING Questions

From Flickr Creative Commons

I’ve been tagged by my dear friend Rumpy Dog to answer 10 questions:

1) Describe yourself in seven words.

Handsome, modest, kind, creative, gentlemanly, lazy, intelligent (Well, you asked!)

2) What keeps you up at Night?

Chronic pain, bad dreams and cats, cats, cats

3) Who would I like to be?

I like being me, despite all the problems under the hood.

4) What am I wearing right now?

My dearly departed dad’s pajamas.

5) What scares me?


6) The best and worst of blogging.

The best part of blogging is meeting all these groovy people (and animals). If you’d said “Rumpy Dog” to me a year ago, I would have been taken aback, but now I would say, “Right on! Rumpy Dog rules!” The downside is that it is a lot of work. I have old posts in my inbox that are posts by blogs that I follow, but it’s darn difficult to keep up!

7) The last website I visited


8) What is the one thing I would change about myself.

That’s easy. I would improve my health.

9) Slankets yes or no?

What’s a slanket? Does it bite? Now I have to look it up on Google. Okay- post Google images search- No! Never! I’m not Gandalf. K?

10) Tell us something about the person who tagged you!

I was actually tagged by an awesome dog. Rumpy Dog is the kind of dog that likes cookies and other treats. He also enjoys interviewing other pets and is a great animal advocate. His creed, “Adopt! Don’t shop!” Is tattooed on my forehead. Well, not really, but I quote him often. I can’t even walk inside a pet shop. I can’t even look at the doggies in the window! I’d give Rumpy Dog the shirt off my back, but he probably wouldn’t need it because he has a gorgeous fur coat. He’s a bit of a sissy though. He lets cats bully him. *sigh* But that’s cool because it shows what a gentle giant he is.

Now I get to pick some others to answer these questions:






I would never steer you wrong. All of these bloggers have something RELEVANT to say and they’ve had a big impact on my and my approach to blogging. If you want people to look at your blog, take a minute or two to look at other bloggers. They have something to say and for the most part, you will be a little better off from reading them. Thanks, Rumpy Dog for singling me out for this “honor.” woof woof woo woo woo

I am posting every day in 2011!

Dear Friends, As you may have already noticed, I made a commitment to post every day this year (2011). It is part of a WordPress competition to encourage people to blog more. Thus it is called postaday2011. I’ve subscribed to the Daily Post, which is a resource that I am sure will provide ideas and inspiration for this journey. I hope to network with other WordPress users for advice and criticism.

For those of you who already enjoy Beautiful Photographs, I hope that you will encourage me with comments, stars and inspiration!


Russell Smith