Ragtag Daily Prompt: Sizzle

Tata Sous-sus’ elevation to chief lady-in-waiting to Princess Pirouette resulted in many changes at court, primarily in Tata herself. For the first few days and weeks, she practiced looking stern in the mirror. Thanks to a generous stipend, she was able to outfit herself in a completely new (and more fashionable) wardrobe, including several new wigs, new cosmetics and brand new shoes. With the assistance of Princess Pirouette and her official dresser, Abigail Hofenhof, Tata polished up her overall mien.

To Tata the most important job involved in her new role was to control, or rather restrict, access to the Princess. All of the courtiers who’d enjoyed making fun of Tata were now in the unenviable position of trying to seek her favor. For the most ambitious and self-seeking, there was little effort involved in cozying up to the new chief lady-in-waiting; however, for the more proud and haughty set, it was an ordeal. These were the people who spoke to Tata through gritted teeth. For Tata it was a secret and most delightful pleasure to watch the high and mighty flush with anger when she shook her head, no, the Princess won’t be receiving you today. In fact, she would swear she could hear their brains sizzle and see smoke issue forth from their ears.

“Take that, Lord So-and-So!” She thought to herself. “Take that, Lady Muckety-Muck!”

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