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Butterfly: August 20, 2019

Butterfly 4On first inspection, one might think that this is a photograph of a moth, given the rather dull shade of its wings; however, it is a butterfly. Moths have feathery antennae, while the antennae of the butterfly is smooth with a tiny ball at the end. If anybody can identify what KIND of butterfly this is, I would be very grateful.



Butterfly 6

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Plaintive

Natasha plaintive“What did I tell you about stepping on my tail!” cried Natasha plaintively. It was with relish that she sank her teeth into the Man’s bare ankle.

#Ragtag Daily Prompt – Plaintive#Ragtag Daily Prompt – Plaintive #RDP #Plaintive


Butterfly 2Butterfly 4Butterfly 3Butterfly 1


Butterfly 3Butterfly 4Butterfly 5

Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Eventually

#Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday #RDP Saturday

“Don’t worry, Ranger,” said the Man. “Once we get across the bridge, we should get to the beach in no time flat.” “‘…no time flat,'” thought the Dog sardonically. “Don’t you mean EVENTUALLY?”

Dog in Hand

Dog hand 2Dog handUpper Marlboro, Maryland