Ragtag Daily Prompts: Agate

“You are always looking in the mirror,” chided Tata SuSu. “It’s not good to look at yourself too much.” Pirouette barely heard Tata. She was busy inspecting the diamond bracelet that GarGar had given to her a few days earlier. “You think that you know everything, Tata, but you really don’t.” Pirouette sighed and held the bracelet against her check. It really was an exquisite gift. She had a special box made of agate and lined with velvet that belonged to her mother. Pirouette was going to place it in there and then deposit the box directly under her pillow.

“You should have that bracelet appraised and locked in the royal vault,” said Tata officiously.

“I know how much this bracelet is worth, Tata Sous-sus. I also know how to keep it safe. In the royal vault it is liable to disappear into some greedy guard’s hand.”

Abigail Hoffenhoffen leaned over and whispered into Pirouette’s ear. “She wants that bracelet for herself, Your Highness. That whole vault business is a ruse. I heard she has a copy of the key to the royal vault and has been helping herself to every this and that down there that catches her fancy.”

“Nothing would surprise me anymore, dear Abigail. Listen to me, we should lay a trap for her. That would fix her wagon!”

“Ooh! Intrigue!” Gushed Abigail. “Nothing would please me more than to see Miss Tata brought down to size!”

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