Ragtag Daily Prompt: Not a Pair

The prime minister and the Imperial ambassador sat together in the prime minister’s dimly lit office. Speaking in hushed tones, lest they be overheard by a passing spy, the prime minister leaned in closely to his friend. “I think that it is becoming quite clear that once those two are wed, they will make a formidable pair.”

“Yes,” replied the ambassador. “She will temper his impetuosity. He will lend her his strength. Together they will be an immutable force.”

“Once I was all in favor of the match. I thought that GarGar was just a fop- a useful distraction, but now I see that he will bolster her in times of need.” The prime minister poured himself a cup of wine and drank deeply.

“You are drinking too much,” said the ambassador drily.

“It will behoove us,” said the prime minister, ignoring his friend’s remark, “To make sure that they have a falling out and become not a pair.”

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