Ragtag Daily Prompt: Chalcedony

Out of the blue, a memory floated into Pirouette’s thoughts. It was of her beloved childhood tutor, Professor Hiyall. As he carefully placed a few small stones in front of her, he said, “And these, Your Highness, we call ‘chalcedony.” Can you see the difference between these and the quartz I showed you yesterday?”

Puzzled, Pirouette remembered peering closely at the stones on her desk, trying to perceive a difference. “No, sir,” she replied in a quiet voice.

“That’s right!” He exclaimed excitedly! “They look very much the same, but they are different. How do we know?” He paused as if he expected an answer, but then blurted out, as was his way, “Chemical analysis!” Taking her little hand in his, he pulled her away from the desk. “We’re off to the laboratory!” He said gleefully.

“Yay!” Said Pirouette, in an effort to please.

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