Ragtag Daily Prompt: Head

Although one would never guess it, Queen Pirouette felt waves of insecurity wash over her. On the surface, she appeared as calm the cat who ate the canary. Internally she was wracked with fear. What if I misread my speech? What if I stumble and fall in front of both Houses of Parliament? Dozens of potential mishaps played across the stage of her imagination. As Head of State, it was Pirouette’s constitutional to open Parliament and give the speech outlining her government’s agenda for the upcoming year.

Examining herself in front of the full-length mirror, Queen Pirouette silently went over the checklist that she had prepared beforehand. Her scarlet robe, trimmed with ermine, the bejeweled orb in her left hand, and her scepter in the other, her crown, made of gold, encrusted with diamonds and other precious jewels, everything looked perfect. Nothing was out of place. With a nod of her head at the Chamberlain, the trumpets began their fanfare and Pirouette appeared from behind a curtain. A collective gasp of admiration arose from the Lords and Commons who had assembled to hear the Queen’s speech.

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