Ragtag Daily Prompt: Snapshot

As Lady Abigail made the final adjustments to Queen Pirouette’s wig, Tata Sou-sus held the gilded-framed, twelve by twelve inch mirror in front of her. Extracting a mouche from a small ceramic jar that another lady in waiting held for her, the Queen selected the first one she touched without even looking at it first. With a steady hand, she applied the artificial mole to her left cheek. Her Majesty’s toilette was complete!

If one could take a snapshot of Pirouette at this moment, the captured image would have been a stunning portrait of a beautiful young woman- regal, confident and utterly comfortable with her station in life. Gliding like a ship upon calm waters, she approached her vanity and lifted her prayerbook. It was a steadfast rule that once her toilette was completed, Pirouette and her ladies would sit for a few minutes while she read the meditations and prayers of her favorite saint- Saint Hildegard von Blinken.

The women organized themselves according to their rank, with Lady Abigail and Tata Sous-sus closest to the Queen- Abigail at her right hand, Tata at her left. Today’s meditation began with the query, Am I keeping my faith strong?

Cellpic Sunday: Tree Stump

Once again, I’m indebted to Cee for bringing this challenge to my attention. This photograph was taken way back in February of this year.It is a study in perspective. The tree stump is positioned in front of a tree that has lost its foliage to winter but the bare branches rather look like they are emanating from the stump itself. I strongly urge anyone who looks at this post to check out the Flickr account of the organizer of this challenge. His name is John Steiner and he has an amazing body of work that is well worth exploring! That last link will take you to his Flickr photostream.

This photo is totally unedited.