Ragtag Daily Prompt: Snapshot

As Lady Abigail made the final adjustments to Queen Pirouette’s wig, Tata Sou-sus held the gilded-framed, twelve by twelve inch mirror in front of her. Extracting a mouche from a small ceramic jar that another lady in waiting held for her, the Queen selected the first one she touched without even looking at it first. With a steady hand, she applied the artificial mole to her left cheek. Her Majesty’s toilette was complete!

If one could take a snapshot of Pirouette at this moment, the captured image would have been a stunning portrait of a beautiful young woman- regal, confident and utterly comfortable with her station in life. Gliding like a ship upon calm waters, she approached her vanity and lifted her prayerbook. It was a steadfast rule that once her toilette was completed, Pirouette and her ladies would sit for a few minutes while she read the meditations and prayers of her favorite saint- Saint Hildegard von Blinken.

The women organized themselves according to their rank, with Lady Abigail and Tata Sous-sus closest to the Queen- Abigail at her right hand, Tata at her left. Today’s meditation began with the query, Am I keeping my faith strong?

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