Ragtag Daily Prompt: Lurking

“Get away from there!” Said Lady Abigail to Lady Eleanor who had her ear pressed to the door outside the Queen’s informal Presence Chamber. “You’re making a fool of yourself!”

Shushing Lady Abigail with a wave of her hand, Lady Eleanor placed a finger to her lips to emphasize her point. “Quiet!” She hissed.

“Well, what’s Her Majesty saying to her?” Asked Lady Claire in a voice that could only be described as a loud whisper.

With her folded fan, Lady Abigail began to swipe at Ladies Eleanor and Claire. “I’m telling you both to get away from that door! It doesn’t do, lurking about like some chamber maids, hungry for a little bite of gossip!”

“Oh, she’s giving it to Tata Sous-sus!” Giggled Eleanor.

“Auntie Finale,” chimed in Lady Claire.

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