Ragtag Daily Prompt: Spook

Without thinking, Queen Pirouette extended her hand to the interloper. He took her hand in his, and then kissed his own thumb, rather than the Queen’s actual hand. This was a strict observance of court etiquette. When kissing the Queen’s hand, one was always expected to fold their thumb over the top of her hand, and then kiss one’s own thumb, rather than sullying the royal hand with one’s slobbery lips. Only someone who’d actually been to court would be aware of this practice.

All three women- the Queen and her two closest ladies in waiting- were astonish by the man’s observance of this obscure rule of behavior. While the Queen’s hand was still in his, the man looked up at her and said quietly, “Don’t you recognize me, my love?”

Looking back at the man, Pirouette realized that the man’s eye color was exactly the same as her beloved GarGar. They were a pale shade of green. He winked at her. This was something that only le comte des deux chats, Monsieur GarGar would ever have the nerve to do. Pirouette swooned.

“Guards!” Shouted Lady Abigail. “Guards! Take this man away at once! He’s trying to pass himself off as some spook. He’s upsetting the Queen. Get rid of him immediately!”

“Quiet, Abby!” Cautioned the Queen. “Sometime, dear friend, you take on too much. You need to learn to keep quiet.” She then leaned forward to get a closer look at the strange man. “Take him back to the palace. Make sure he is comfortable and well-fed. We will examine him more closely later.”

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