Ragtag Daily Prompt: Dishabille

When Queen Pirouette returned to the palace, the first thing she did was inquire about the mysterious man who had interrupted her journey. “He’s in the small Presence Chamber, Your Majesty,” said the Chamberlain. “Per your instructions, he’s had a nice bath, some fresh clothes and a hearty dinner.” Pressing his hands together, the Chamberlain bowed. He was pleased with himself. If this man did turn out to be le comte des Deux Chats, then it behooved him to remain in his good graces.

With her ladies and a few guards, the Queen found the room where the man was waiting. “Please forgive my dishabille,” she said to the man. “I just returned to the palace and haven’t had a chance to freshen up.”

The man fell to one knee. He took the hem of Queen Pirouette’s skirt and kissed it. When she extended her hand for him to kiss, he turned it over in his hand and kissed her palm. This had been one of the ways that GarGar used to express his devotion to her. Startled, she snatched her hand from his grasp and took a step backwards.

“Who are you?” She demanded. “Who are you really?”

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