Ragtag Daily Prompt: Frenetic

Queen Pirouette wasn’t the sort of woman who would swoon at the drop of a hat; however, this latest revelation was like a blow to her stomach. Grabbing Lady Abigail by the forearm, she doubled over, while at the same time emitting a choking, gasping sound. Alarmed, Lady Abigail fell to one knee in order to get a closer look at the Queen’s face.

The man leapt up and before any of the guards could intercept him, he seized the Queen by her shoulders and pulled her up. In a display of frenetic energy that was certainly worthy of monsieur le comte GarGar, he gave her a good shaking and then planted his lips upon hers. And before anyone could say another word, she whispered, “It’s him! It’s GarGar!”

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