Ragtag Daily Prompt: Spooky

Queen Pirouette took advantage of a quiet moment to pay a visit on GarGar. With his legs propped up on an ottoman, she found him luxuriating on a pink upholstered settee. There was a glimmer of the light that once brightened his countenance. Dispensing with the usual formalities, Pirouette allowed Lady Natasha to pull out a straight-backed armchair for her beside le comte des Deux Chats; that is, GarGar.

While GarGar looked much improved from the last time she’d seen him, Pirouette still found his entire manner quite spooky. It was as if her beloved had become something of a puppet. Who exactly was pulling the strings was a matter of conjecture; however, from his movements, there was a subtle jerkiness, a hesitancy. It was as if the unseen puppet master wasn’t paying enough attention to his job.

Halloween 2022

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