Ragtag Daily Prompt: Lamb

The old King was ill. Although he had no fever, he said that he felt weak and dizzy. His physicians insisted that he take to his bed, where he buried himself under a dozen covers. When they suggested that he be bled, he burst into tears and cried out for Princess Pirouette.

“My precious lamb,” he said to Pirouette when she came to his bedside. “Thank God you are here. I just don’t know what we would do without you. They want to bleed us!”

She kissed the King’s hand and patted him on the head. “Dear King, we’ll have none of that,” she said. “You’ve just over-exerted yourself and need to rest. Not to worry. I am here.” Old King sighed and closed his eyes, and was soon fast asleep.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Lamb

When Princess Pirouette entered the Throne Room, it erupted into a cacophony of whispers. To the Princess’ ear, it sounded much like the hissing of a hundred snakes. She immediately curtsied, walked a dozen paces on the red carpet and then curtsied again. She did her best not to look at the King, who was exceedingly old. His snow white hair fell loosely upon his shoulders. A matching beard flowed down to the center of his chest.

Extending a gnarled, arthritic hand, he said, “Welcome to my court, little lamb.”