Ragtag Daily Prompt: Music

When Princess Pirouette heard her dresser Abigail Hoffenhoff play the harpsichord, she immediately requested that the court’s composer/conductor write a little piece to be performed exclusively for her household. The man who went mysteriously by the single name of Ludwig wrote a short concerto for harpsichord and strings. He called it simply For Abby. On the afternoon of the performance, with all the talk circulation around court of poison, no refreshments were served.

The performance was a complete success; however, shortly after the entertainment, Abigail complained of feeling a little timorous, perhaps even a bit feverish. One courtier helpfully suggested that Monsieur Ludwig had impregnated the sheet music with arsenic or perhaps strychnine. On the basis of this firm evidence, Ludwig was arrested and tossed into the dungeon. It would be a long time before anyone mentioned his name again. The position of court composer/conductor was immediately filled with a younger and much more handsome man named Sir Adam Percival.

9 thoughts on “Ragtag Daily Prompt: Music

    1. It was probably a squirrel in the tree outside my window. They like to climb up and thumb their noses at Max, GarGar and Pirouette. Nigel only comes into my room to get treats! 😄

      1. Glad we don’t have squirrels outside the window. Lucy dog would smash right through the glass to get them lol.
        Seems Nigel is well trained. Where’d all the cool names come from?

      2. My husband named Nigel. I named the other three. I was born in France, so the French names come from me. GarGar’s name comes from the French word for boy: le garçon. Maxwell was named after Maxwell Smart from the Sixties comedy show, Get Smart played by Don Adams. 😁

      3. I love that. So, cool when our pet names have meaning. My Lucy dog was named after Lucille Ball, she has a tooth she shows sometimes and it reminded me of Lucille saying she could pick up radio frequency in her teeth, lol. so she was called Lucy.

      4. My Lucy dog is a sweetheart. She’s a little too guarding. Wont let the postman leave, tries to kill tractors. and stares at squirrels up trees like they’re steaks – so pretty normal really lol

      5. Any dog worth her salt will despise postmen. When I was a kid, we had a mail slot at the bottom of our front door through which our postman would deliver our mail. We had three dogs and when he would start pushing through our mail, they would pounce on it, often shredding our mail to pieces. 😄

      6. I bet the postman hated coming to your house.

        Problem is the dogs cant see him they only see this stuff coming through the door every morning. So, its like a game to them I think.

        Our postman meets Lucy at the gate but he goes all stiff and terrified and wont speak to her. So, she gets all suspicious of him and barks. The couple times he came in she wouldn’t let him leave as a result thinking him a burglar lol.

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