Ragtag Daily Prompt: Shine

Queen Pirouette extended both arms toward the little boy who couldn’t have been more that two years of age. Reluctantly, his father placed him into her arms. Peering over Pirouette’s shoulder, Abigail made cooing sounds. “Isn’t he handsome!” Said Abigail Hoffenhoff excitedly. The child was heavy but the Queen managed to hold him closely against her chest.

“I’m in love,” sighed Pirouette. “I’m sure a position can be found for you at Court,” she said to the father. “Where is your boy’s mother?”

“She passed away giving birth to the boy,” he answered in hushed tones.

Dangling her silver cross in front of the child, he was immediately attracted by its shine. “You see,” laughed Pirouette. “This boy is destined for the Church!”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Excuse

GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats, chose the spot for his performance because it was directly beneath Princess Pirouette’s bedroom window. As he began to strum his lute, a small gathering (mostly female) formed around him. He cleared his throat and began to sing.

Skies would be grey for me, if I didn’t have you.
Each hour of the day for me, if I didn’t have you.
What could I live for, tell me, what could I do,
if I didn’t have you?

At long last, Pirouette appeared at her window. It was a large window and afforded the small gathering a good view of her person. She pushed open the glass and tossed a handkerchief, weighted with a small diamond ring. “There’s no excuse for this kind of behavior,” she laughed. “Now be off, or I shall summon the guards!”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Music

When Princess Pirouette heard her dresser Abigail Hoffenhoff play the harpsichord, she immediately requested that the court’s composer/conductor write a little piece to be performed exclusively for her household. The man who went mysteriously by the single name of Ludwig wrote a short concerto for harpsichord and strings. He called it simply For Abby. On the afternoon of the performance, with all the talk circulation around court of poison, no refreshments were served.

The performance was a complete success; however, shortly after the entertainment, Abigail complained of feeling a little timorous, perhaps even a bit feverish. One courtier helpfully suggested that Monsieur Ludwig had impregnated the sheet music with arsenic or perhaps strychnine. On the basis of this firm evidence, Ludwig was arrested and tossed into the dungeon. It would be a long time before anyone mentioned his name again. The position of court composer/conductor was immediately filled with a younger and much more handsome man named Sir Adam Percival.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Behemoth

Le Comte des Deux Chats, GarGar won acclaim far and wide across the Kingdom. His skill with the bow was the stuff of legends. At tournaments, when his name was called, the other participants would curse and throw their bows to the ground. They called him the Behemoth in recognition of his mammoth abilities. As he rode to the lists, he would sing:

All you bullyrooks with your buskin boots,
best you go, best you go
faster than mine arrow!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: The Blues

GarGar 5_21_1Once again, King GarGar was refusing to get out of bed. This time it was because of an argument between his wife and their second daughter, both named Pirouette. King GarGar didn’t know who was more stubborn- mother or child- but he was sick and tired of the entire affair. Now that la jeune Pirouette was nearing a marriageable age, it only made sense to start looking at prospects. While his sympathies were with his wife, he could also understand his daughter’s point of view. She felt as though her parents were trying to get rid of her, or trade her for some political points. Because of this, the child had a severe case of the blues. GarGar 5_21_2