Ragtag Daily Prompt: Soon

With this ring…

The old King and his first minister were closeted in His Majesty’s boudoir to discuss the upcoming marriage of Princess Pirouette to GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats. Timing was everything. If they waited too long, then public interest in the match would wane. If they hurried the ceremony, it might cause a disruption of the King’s authority. As soon as the nuptials were celebrated, the people would certainly expect the new royal couple to assume the reigns of government.

“Why did I ever agree to this match!” Shouted the King at the prime minister.

I thee wed…

“You announced the match because the people were clambering for it, Your Majesty,” replied the prime minister in measured tones. “To delay at this point will invite their fury.” The minister gestured to the window that looked down onto the palace’s main courtyard. It was filled with people carrying large images of Pirouette and GarGar, some of them separately, some depicting them side by side. They were chanting, “Pirouette! GarGar! Pirouette! GarGar!” As if they already knew that Her Highness would be the senior partner in this match.

Forsaking all others…

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