Ragtag Daily Prompt: Liars

Weeping copiously and clutching her friend Abigail’s hand, Princess Pirouette sat on her bed prostrate with grief. “How could he do this to me?” She asked of Abigail Hoffenhoff. “After all we’ve been through, after all we are supposed-” She couldn’t go on speaking for the sobs that wracked her body.

“Do try to calm yourself, my dear!” Tata Sous-sus stood in a corner, nervously twisting a handkerchief and silently curing herself for being the bearer of such upsetting news.

“Maybe it’s not true,” consoled Abigail. “After all the court is a nest of liars.” She shot Tata a withering glance.

“-and with Lady Greenmeadow, of all people! How could he!” Pirouette pulled her engagement ring from her finger and threw it at Tata.

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