Ragtag Daily Prompt: Sleekit

As soon as the valet had shut the doors behind the Prime Minister, Queen Pirouette extended her hand and flicking her wrist with agitation, she indicated that he should bolt the doors. As soon as he had done so, GarGar emerged from behind a screen, where he’d been hiding during the entire interview.

“Well,” said Pirouette. “What do you think?”

“I think you’ve put the fear of the devil in the poor man,” replied GarGar with a laugh.

“‘Poor man!'” Taunted Pirouette. “Did you really just say, ‘Poor man?'” She rolled her eyes melodramatically. With another flick of her wrist, she deployed her fan with a loud Snap! Using it to cover her face from the nose down, she sashayed over to GarGar playfully. “What a kind and sympathetic man you are, my lord!”

“You mustn’t be cruel to the per wee sleekit!” Mocked GarGar, intentionally butchering a Scottish brogue.

Pirouette slapped GarGar playfully. “What would the ambassador from Scotland say, if he heard you!”