Sculpture Saturday (Second Installment) from the Hirshhorn Gallery and Sculpture Garden

The Great Warrior of Montaubon, 1898 – 1900/Cast 1956, Emile-Antoine Bourdelle, French b. Montaubon 1861-1929, Bronze
Subcommittee, 1991, Tony Craig, British b. Liverpool, England 1949, Steel

Sculpture Saturday, September 19, 2020: Dupont Circle

Here are a couple nice examples of art that is owned and displayed by residents of Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.

Sculpture: Not Only on Saturdays

Just because it isn’t Saturday-

King and Queen by Henry Moore (1953) Bronze.

That doesn’t mean I can’t post a photograph of a sculpture!

Sculpture Saturday: September 12, 2020

Saint Jerome, the Priest

This bronze statue, by Ivan Meštrović, is located at 2343 Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D.C. in front of the Croatian Embassy. Ivan Meštrović donated this work to the Croatian Franciscan Fathers, who commissioned it as Saint Jerome. Saint Jerome (341 – 420 A.D.) was born on the territory of modern Croatia. The inscription reads, “Greatest doctor of the church.”

Jez’s WWE Challenge #44

Jez Braithwaite’s Water Water Everywhere Challenge

Nature trail behind Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church, Eastport, Annapolis, Maryland
Fountain at Haupt Garden, Hirshhorn Gallery, The Mall, Washington, DC.

Monday Window Challenge: September 7, 2020

Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge

These are just a few selections from Saint Dominic’s Catholic Church located on E Street SW in Washington, DC. I’ll be posting more images of their beautiful stained glass windows over the coming days and weeks. Enjoy!

Besides the stunning display of stained glass, Saint Dominic’s contains Stations of the Cross that are truly lovely.
The organ above the main altar
Details from the life of Saint Dominic.

A Couple of Selections from the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden: Sculpture Saturday on a Sunday, September 6, 2020

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden of the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Here are just a couple of selections from that visit. Look here in the upcoming days/weeks when I will be sharing the fruits of that visit. Besides the sculpture, I was also able to capture a few decent shots of the butterflies (no monarchs, mostly the little brown ones.) At any rate, do keep an eye on this space if you are interested in a brief, virtual tour (in digestible pieces) of the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden on the Mall in Washington, DC.

Eros Inside Eros by Arman (1986)

Post-Balzac by Judith Shea (1990)
Double Candles by Sterling Ruby (2018)

Sculpture Saturday: Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Located on Scott Circle in Northwest Washington, DC, this statue is in the Classical Revival style. Dedicated in 1900.

At the dedication ceremony, guests included President McKinley.
His pensive posture is reminiscent of statues from Greco-Roman period. See the common stance for depictions of Hermes. Mosaics are also reminiscent of the villas of Pompeii.
I rather like the way the little girl is lit up and the grownups are in shadow.
The great man as a young man, studying Hippocrates et al.

Monday Window Challenge: August 31, 2020

Trump’s America

I call this window Trump’s America. As the death toll mounts, he and his lackeys scurry to spread disinformation, lies, fear and hate to pursue their agenda. Beyond this double horror of pandemic and madness, there is hope. Black Lives Matter and other grassroots movements illustrate a groundswell of anger and disgust with the extremes of negative narcissism and entitlement that is Donald Trump. In this sense, black changes from the color of mourning to the color of resistance and hope for the future.

Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge