Street Photography

For many years, I used to roam the streets of Hollywood, asking random people if I could photograph them. My standing rule was that once I got ten refusals, I’d quit for the day. I’d easily garner a dozen photos a day because, after all, it was Hollywood. Now that I’m back on the East Coast, I’ve had to tone down that pursuit because, frankly, people here are much more uptight and ten “no’s” come quick and fast. People here in Maryland are by nature very suspicious. They are convinced that I’ve got some nefarious plan to do something evil with their image, like post it on the internet.

That being said, over the course of a couple of years here in Maryland, I’ve managed to capture a few candid shots of people. Here’s an example.

This photo dovetails nicely with Travel With Intent’s One Word Sunday Challenge. This week the word is steps. Thanks for letting me join in the fun!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Understand

The only man allowed entrance to the Queen’s bedchamber during her illness was her confessor, Father Dupont. Her two nursemaids, Tata Sous-sus and Lady Abigail Hofenhoff took turns mopping her brow. Tata, a survivor of the dreaded pox, was uncharacteristically kind and knowledgable about the proper treatment.

When Pirouette’s fever was so so high that it seemed as if she might burst into flames, Tata insisted that she be immersed in ice cold water. The. poor Queen screamed at this course of action, but after a few minutes, she settled down. Once she was pull from the tub and toweled dry, she seemed much better. It was then that the first spots appeared on her hand. She shrieked in terror.

“Not to worry, my child,” said Tata. “It is a good sign. A good sign. What are a few spots? I understand your dismay, but you are going to live, my love. Live!”

“From what I understand,” whispered Lady Abigail to one of the other ladies, “the worst is over.”