Ragtag Daily Prompt: Heal

Before the unification of the Kingdom, various autonomous regions were subject to the rule of a female. The titles under which they operated were usually “Princess” or “Duchess.” In the case of the latter, they could be “Arch” or “Grand.” At any rate, Pirouette was the first woman to bear the title of Queen, in her own right. In other words, she was “Regina,” not just a consort. For this reason, Pirouette was extremely jealous of her rights and prerogatives. God have mercy on the man (or woman) who sought to limit the extent of her authority.

When the Queen appeared at her first Privy Council meeting after surviving the Great Pox, nobody bowed lower than the Prime Minister. So low did he bend at the waist that his poorly secured wig fell to the ground. One of the councilors rushed to pull the Queen’s chair from the table. Another swept in and snatched the PM’s wig from the floor and then waved it in the air like some kind of trophy. This caused an air of restrained merriment in the room. Hiding her giggles behind her fan, Pirouette took her seat at the table.

“We are all amazed at Your Majesty’s ability to heal,” said the Prime Minister. “The strength of youth has carried you through and saved your Kingdom from wrack and ruin.”

“I may be young in years, Monsieur, but I praise God for making me wise beyond them,” she replied modestly, smiling and nodding at each individual in the room.