Becky’s Bright Squares of April: Final Day

For this, the last day of the April Bright Squares Challenge, I’m submitting a bit of the sublime and bit of the silly.

First the sublime…

Lily of the Valley

And then the silly…

Easter Bunny

Becky’s Bright Squares, April 29, 2021

I’m afraid that my moon shots pale in comparison to Becky’s which are worthy of NASA, but I want to keep to the theme. Here are my humble submissions to Becky of Winchester’s April Bright Squares Challenge.

Saint Martin’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in the moonlight.
Full moon from last July.
A closer look at the July moon.

Becky’s Bright Square Challenge – April 26, 2021

Becky of Winchester hosts the April Bright Squares challenge.

This square is dedicated to Jez Braithwaite, the master of crystal ball photography!
I can’t identify these interesting white blossoms, but I thought they were perfect for today’s bright squares.

Becky’s Bright Squares in April

Double rainbows are the theme for today’s Bright Squares challenge hosted by Becky B of Becky of Winchester. I took this photo with an old Canon Powershot in the early 2000’s. The view is Hollywood, California. The windows of my apartment faced east, so I often was greeted with beautiful sunrises and the occasional rainbow. This is the only double rainbow I remember ever seeing.

Becky’s Bright Square for April 24, 2021

Here is my contribution to Becky of Winchester’s Bright Squares for April, today with the theme bright lights at night.

Only 245 days until Christmas!

Becky’s April Bright Square Challenge: April 23, 2021

April Bright Square photo challenge brought to us by Becky B of Becky of Winchester.

Wisteria squared
Sun Trust