Cee’s Fun Foto Challenges: Lines, October 22, 2019

Hollywood cranes 2Hollywood cranes crop_edited-1These photographs were taken way back in the previous century. They show the view that my apartment in Hollywood afforded me. The bay windows offered one a lovely vista of east Hollywood, in all its old stucco glory. Of course, these cranes were witnesses of and participants in the gentrification of Hollywood. Most of the groovy, rundown buildings are gone, replaced by bigger, flashier fareHollywood Crane 3

When I first moved to Yucca Street, people were smoking crack on the doorstep of my apartment building. By the time I relocated to Maryland, over a dozen years later, Hollywood had become a swinging hot spot with fancy boutiques and trendy bars, glitzy hotels and expensive restaurants. One old restaurant, Musso and Frank’s was always expensive.

I scanned these photos with my HP Envy 5055 printer. I love that printer. I got it for a really sweet price online at Best Buy. Free, next day delivery. You can’t beat that. At any rate, I’ve dug them out of the archives in order to participate in one of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenges. This one is lines.


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