Which Way Photo Challenge by Alive & Trekking: May 14, 2021

The bridge in the background of this photo allows the driver to cross Weems Creek and drive westerly into downtown Annapolis. The photo was taken from a smaller bridge on Ridgely Avenue that crosses Weems Creeks just a little bit north from the larger bridge. I like how the pier gets smaller the closer one gets to the boat. You can see how calm the water is.

Signs I’ve collected since the last Which Way Photo Challenge!

XingfuMama’s Pull up a Seat Challenge 2021 Week #18

These interesting benches can be found at my local library which was rebuilt just in time for the pandemic. Only recently has the library opened. Masks are required!

Pull up a Seat

These interesting seats can be found at the location of the temporary home for my library while the new one was under construction.