Trip to the Mall

This was my first trip to the mall since COVID happened. I was surprised at how crowded it was. I wasn’t there long, and I bought nothing. I did try on a few things, but that was it. Notice how the bride has a high-end mask that matches the bodice on her gown. Très chic.

A Couple of Selections from the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden: Sculpture Saturday on a Sunday, September 6, 2020

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden of the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Here are just a couple of selections from that visit. Look here in the upcoming days/weeks when I will be sharing the fruits of that visit. Besides the sculpture, I was also able to capture a few decent shots of the butterflies (no monarchs, mostly the little brown ones.) At any rate, do keep an eye on this space if you are interested in a brief, virtual tour (in digestible pieces) of the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden on the Mall in Washington, DC.

Eros Inside Eros by Arman (1986)

Post-Balzac by Judith Shea (1990)
Double Candles by Sterling Ruby (2018)

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Moving Water

Fountain bw 1Fountain bw 2Hooray! Thanks to Cee, a routine visit to the mall wasn’t a waste of time after all! I just love her Black and White challenges. I’m shy about employing the effect. So having a venue where it is required gives me a safe cop out. Dig?