IdahoBlueBird50’s AOTD Challenge: October 13, 2019

Squirrel 3

The last time I saw this little fellow, he was in terrible shape! Some vicious predator had taken a big chuck of flesh from his front haunches. His tail had also been damaged. I’ll admit to feeling very pessimistic about his prognosis. Thank God I was wrong! I really mean that. Only Divine intervention of some kind can explain this beautiful creature’s survival. So it is with joy that I submit this photograph, and the ones that follow, to bettylouise31 and her Animal of the Day challenge (a.k.a. AOTD.)

#IdahoBlueBird50 #Animal of the Day # AOTD

Squirrel 4From this photograph, one can see in stark profile the base of his neck and the catastrophic injury he suffered there. This guy may be small, but he’s tough as nails. It is without fear of exaggeration that I name this creature so.

Squirrel 1                                        Above we see my little friend scurry up a tree. The damaged area of his tail, as well as scar on his back are grim testimony to this squirrel’s will to live. If a living creature can be so motivated to survive such a devastating attack, then he must have a great deal of character. It matters not that it is a rodent. It is one of God’s creatures, and an amazingly adorable one at that. I’ll never forget the look of pain and fear on his face when I saw him earlier on that ill-fated Spring morning.

So it is with unbridled joy that I submit these photos to BettyLouise31’s Animal of the Day Challenge (a.k.a. AOTD.)

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