Betty’s AOTD Challenge: December 24, 2019

Squirrel 5Birds & BayI took both of these photographs yesterday (December 23, 2019). The squirrel was in my very front yard. The birds were at Hillsmere Beach. With the second shot, I just got lucky. I was taking pictures of the water of the mighty Chesapeake. When I got home and downloaded everything from the day onto my crummy Dell laptop, this picture caught my eye. I had to crop it down quite a bit. This is what was left! I call episodes like that “God moments.” That is when I can see God working in my life in ways that are tangible. I am linking this post to Betty Louise’s Animal of the Day challenge, December 9, 2019.

Betty’s AOTD Challenge: November 18, 2019

This is my entry for Betty Louise’s Animal of the Day challenge. I haven’t been diligent about keeping up with this challenge. Having been under the weather for the past few days, I at least have some sort of an excuse. Can you believe it’s only ten days to Thanksgiving? I wonder how many people will be able to post photographs of turkeys? Unless it’s frozen, the best I have of shot of posting is a turkey buzzard!

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Animal of the Day Challenge: November 12, 2019 – Stop! Thief!

These blue jays were caught red-handed (or maybe red-beaked) stealing peanuts from the squirrels. Despite repeated requests, the squirrels have no comment. Stay tuned for further developments.

Blue jay 4Blue jay 1Blue jay 2The moment this particular blue jay realized that it was under surveillance, he decided to try and drop its purloined peanut. In this photograph, the peanut at left looks rather like it is floating in thin air. The squirrel spokesman below responded to queries with, “No comment.”

Squirrel 3Spokesquirrel waves away reporters’ questions

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