Animal of the Day Challenge: November 12, 2019 – Stop! Thief!

These blue jays were caught red-handed (or maybe red-beaked) stealing peanuts from the squirrels. Despite repeated requests, the squirrels have no comment. Stay tuned for further developments.

Blue jay 4Blue jay 1Blue jay 2The moment this particular blue jay realized that it was under surveillance, he decided to try and drop its purloined peanut. In this photograph, the peanut at left looks rather like it is floating in thin air. The squirrel spokesman below responded to queries with, “No comment.”

Squirrel 3Spokesquirrel waves away reporters’ questions

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IdahoBlueBird50 AOTD challenge: November 6, 2019

June Bug

June bugJune bug macro

My! What big mandibles you have! The humble June bug is a member of the Scarab family. They are in the order of Beatles, not the band from Liverpool, but rather a diverse group of insects that can be found all over the world.

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IdahoBlueBird50 AOTD: November 1, 2019

These pics are selections from a single photo shoot. These aren’t my wounded friend, who I saw only yesterday in the front yard with his short tail and dramatic scar. I love them all. The photographs above represent two squirrels. Four are of the same squirrel and then there’s one odd-man-out. Can you pick him out?

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IdahoBlueBird50 AOTD: October 28, 2019

Capn and first mate 1Captain (right) and First Mate. According to his human companion, the Captain is a samoyed.  Sweet, playful and friendly, the Captain is the alpha of the pack. He barks his orders at you with a single, authoritative bark. He expects to be obeyed immediately. The First Mate is a bit nervous, like most poodles, but she is also very intelligent and eager to please. They are the power-couple of the neighborhood. If you should encounter them, please remember to remove your hat.

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IdahoBlueBird50 AOTD: October 25, 2019

Dog WinstonToday’s AOTD is a dog. His name is Winston in honor of the great Winston Churchill. I met him today at the Jonas and Anne Catherine Green Park in Annapolis, Maryland. The park is located on the shores of the Severn River and is one of our best-kept secrets. Amenities include boat rentals, so come on down and explore the Bay!

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IdahoBlueBird50 AOTD: October 24, 2019


This peacock butterfly is my contribution to the cause of IdahoBlueBird50’s AOTD challenge; that is, Animal of the Day. As I’ve been in the habit of posting a butterfly photograph every morning at nine o’clock for the past few month, I think that I’d be remiss if I did not include a photo or two of these magnificent members of Family Lepidoptera.