Ragtag Daily Prompt: Limp

GarGar 5_7_1“Search every room!” Thundered King GarGar. Even though they weren’t exactly sure what they were looking for, the palace guards obeyed and throughout the night ransacked every room in the palace. Given the size of the palace, the guards worked until dawn, when their captain came to His Majesty with a report.

“No evidence of outright witchcraft to be found, Your Majesty; however, I find it most suspicious that La duchesse de haricots froids had NO SCISSORS in her room! Logic dictates that the ones found under your bed must belong to her.”

“It would seem so,” responded the King sadly.

La duchesse was a first cousin of Queen Pirouette. A beauty in her youth, a lifetime of heavy drinking had left her worse for wear and her eyes, once sparkling were now bleary. Her neck, once thin and delicate was now thick and wrinkled. When the guards returned to arrest her for witchcraft, she went limp. “Au succour!” She cried hysterically. “Au succour!”

Pirouette 5_7_1Pirouette 5_7_4

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