Ragtag Daily Prompt: Call

Pirouette 5_19_1La Princesse Pirouette la jeune looked askance at the young man standing alone in tthe gallery where her mother had sent her after their fractious interview. She knew his name to be Pierre de la Croix and that he was the Margrave of a tiny state just north of her own. When he caught sight of her, the Margrave bowed very low to la jeune and murmured, “It is an honor to make your acquaintance.” Without even thinking, Pirouette extended her hand, and he kissed it.Pirouette 5_19_2Not knowing exactly what to call a Margrave, Pirouette settled on “Excellency” when she murmured her reply in barely a whisper, “It’s a pleasure to meet you…”Pirouette 5_19_4Pierre de la Croix thought to himself, “My God, she’s beautiful! But so young! She’s only a child!”Pirouette 5_19_5

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