Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge: August 2, 2021

A Challenger for the Monday Window Challenge!
How many windows do you see in this photo?
That’s me and a passer-by in the reflection. Behind me is a Toyota dealership.

For this weeks Monday Window Challenge, I chose an automotive theme.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Filter

From far and wide the people came to witness the execution of the witch. Selina Dubois was the most famous witch ever to be arrested, tried and executed. Even though the crowds shouted abuse at her, she held her head up high. After mounting the steps to the place of death, the executioner knelt before her to ask her forgiveness. In response, she kicked at the man and shouted, “Go to hell!” Those in the crowd who saw and heard gasped in horror. Such blasphemy!

Her hands were tied behind her back before she was placed on the belt of the guillotine. A blindfold was tied around her eyes, but it was merely gauze and so acted like a filter. She could still see through the fabric. She laughed. “You idiots don’t even know how to make a proper blindfold!” Those were her last words as she was pushed toward the opening of the circle which held her head in place as the sharp and heavy metal blade fell upon her neck.

When her head fell into the waiting basket, the executioner tried to grab her hair so that he could display the trophy to the excited crowd; however, she was wearing a wig. All the executioner could show the crowd was a clump of horse hair. A scattering of laughter drifted in the air. Frustrated, the man reached down again, seized the gray hair and lifted in up. “Death to all traitors!” He shouted. Someone in the audience shouted back, “And witches!”