Ragtag Daily Prompt: Live Wire

In his day, GarGar was described as expansive, exuberant, exhausting and extroverted. There wasn’t a person he met that he didn’t call friend. At least, until they proved otherwise. He could be demanding, sometimes even thoughtless, but there wasn’t a mean bone in his body. Only the most curmudgeonly reacted with distaste toward him. A telling sign of his nature was the fact that his servants adored him. In today’s parlance, he might be called a “live wire.”

GarGar’s absence from the court was not felt only by Queen Pirouette. Le comte des Deux Chats was always the life of the party. When he entered a room, it immediately lit up. Always there with a witty phrase or a naughty double entendre, he drew a small crowd wherever he went. The Thursday night ball, which was an old institution by the time Pirouette took the throne, seemed a bit dull and broke up early more often than not.

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