Ragtag Daily Prompt: Excited

In almost all things, Queen Pirouette strove to conform to the era’s standards for ladylike behavior; however, there was one exception. When it came to horseback riding, she adamantly refused to ride sidesaddle. Before she became Queen, she spent some extra money and asked a saddle maker to create one for her that could double as both. In those days, she would mount her horse like a proper little lady, both legs dangling from the same side of her mount. As soon as she was beyond the prying eyes of the King and his councilors, she would swing one leg over and take off like a cannonball.

Now that she was in charge, and could do as she pleased, she rode astride her horse as well as any man. Some of the women of the court emulated their sovereign, Lady Abigail being the first to abandon the sidesaddle. Others, like Tata Sous-sus chose to ride the old-fashioned way. Sometimes, when she was charging at breakneck speed across an empty pasture, or jumping over a dilapidated wooden fence, the thrill was almost overwhelming. There were few things in her life that excited her more than this. None of the other women at court could keep up with her, and only a few of the men even tried.

Published by Russell Smith

I was born at the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. I find inspiration in the lives of so many people from Joan of Arc to Oscar Wilde. While my primary avocation is photography, I also enjoy philosophy, theology and most of all, history. My beloved wife, Robin Anne Smith, who passed away in 2013 is an inspiration to me. My beloved partner, Dana is also a great support and inspiration to me. I'd be remiss if I did not mention my cats: Maxwell, Nigel, Pirouette and GarGar.

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